We have been in Business nearly 10 years. We started out with different lives on different sides of the country with the same goal in mind: to photograph weddings as emotional, modern, fresh, and artistic, while remaining classic. A business was born through that shared passion. Nearly 10 years later…husbands, kids, first and final homes, flying back and forth from East to West and West to East, to the Caribbean and other destinations, and we have not lost that mission and passion for imagery. Our tiny business has grown both West and East with associates and studio managers. But we are still one big, crazy, loving family. We hope to be a part of yours.

Our blog contains recent weddings, engagements, vacations and personal photos from our lives. If your searching for something in particular, try the categories button on the navigation bar above. And if you utilize RSS feeds you can click the RSS button next the the url above and a bookmark will be added to your browser. An easy way to check in and see new work from time to time!


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West Coast: 707.815.9510

East Coast: 401.243.7142

We love…

We love the moment the bride hits the end of the aisle

We love the ridiculous man banter between the groomsmen and the groom. Yes we hear everything!

We love the wedding dress

We love a good Seersucker (definitely an east coast thing)

We love shoes!

We love all the little details

We love the sweets (Tiffany is especially a big fan of cupcakes especially from Sift)

We love Yummy light

We love first looks

We love a toast that can make you cry and laugh so hard you can’t breathe all in one

We love families…ALL of them. Families can be involved, loving, dramatic…but they’re family and this is what it’s all about.

We love exploring new locations

We love albums when they are designed just perfectly

We love awesome artistic concepts

We love asking people to do weird things to get them to loosen up and forget that they are being photographed

We love a great wedding designer/planner

We love food

We both love our children more than anything else in the world

We love our fur babies

We love when you choose us; it is such an honor

We love the day we get to give you your timeless images

  • Crystal Howes - July 14, 2011 - 12:34 pm

    hi, i’m a photog in florida and i just admire your work!!!!ahhhmazing!!!!!! much love!

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